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Malaki 24k Gold Water 375 ml


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Malaki 24k Gold Water 375 ml


Malaki launches Asia’s First 24k Gold Charged Luxury Water.

Features & details

Gold that represents the perfection of the matter is believed to be used for medicinal and healing purposes since ancient history.Consuming gold charged water was and still is considered a Royalty.It has umpteen benefits that rejuvenates the body, & restore youth and perfect health.Malaki Gold contains pure edible 24k gold flakes. Now enjoy every sip in the lap of luxury gold water. Royalty is now served here.

Video of Malaki Luxury Gold Water

Now serve Royalty to your guest and let them relive luxury in every sip.

Legal disclaimer:

The gold flakes shown in the image are enhanced for representation purpose. It may differ in shape, size and color as per actual product. The product is water charged with gold properties with additional edible 24k Gold flakes for representation purpose.

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